League rules


We aim for each league to consist of 5 members. A new league comes out every 4 weeks therefore on average you’ll be expected to play one league match a week.


Best of 5 games. PAR (point after rally) scoring method – first to 15 points each game.

Match Result Points
3-0 5-1
3-1 5-2
3-2 5-3
2-2 3-3
2-1 4-2
2-0 4-1
1-1 2-2
0-0 1-1

Arranging a game

All members are responsible for contacting each other to arrange a game. If you cannot find a mutually suitable time for a game with an opponent, neither of you scores any points therefore it’s important to arrange your games early.


If a player is unable to play games due to injury, and the game cannot be rearranged by the end of the league cycle, all outstanding games will be scored 5-0 to the opponent. If other players have already played the injured member, they’ll be given a 5 point win. All points already accrued by the injured player will remain. The 3 bonus points will be awarded if you are granted a 5-0 score due to this injury rule, resulting in all of your games being completed

If a player is injured could the injured player, or members in the affected league, let me the league organiser know ASAP

Bonus Points

If you play all of your matches in the allotted time then there will be 3 bonus points added to your score. This is designed to encourage and reward those who make the effort to play all of their games.

League Positioning

Generally, the top player goes up two boxes, second player goes up one box, middle players stay, 2nd last goes down one and last goes down two. However, this does get adjusted when people drop out of the league or established league players re-enter after injury or holiday. Also – in order to get into League 1 a player will have to qualify through League 2. The top 2 players from League 2 goes into League 1 – there is no jump from League 3 into 1

Fast Track

If you win all of your matches 3-0 we will endeavour to move you up 3 or 4 leagues. This will help members find their correct level quickly.

Non Playing of Matches

1 league cycle with no games played (without letting me know why - e.g. injury, holidays, etc) and you’ll be put on probation! You're name will appear in RED on the leagues and if you play no games during the next league cycle without advanced warning to the league organiser, you will be removed from the league. If you are injured please let me know whether you're out indefinitely or just for the current league cycle. Please also tell the other people in your league.

If you do drop out of the league temporarily, please bear in mind that it is difficult to slot you back in at exactly the same place as before. I try to put people back in as close as possible to where they were before, but this depends on spaces available.

Corporate Membership Discount

If you’re a Platinum or Gold member of E.A, being part of this squash club will entitle you to a corporate discount of around 15%. If you would like to apply for this discount please let us know.

How to Join

If you would like to join this league please contact us via the Contact section of this site. Alternatively email Donald Luke on donaldluke22@googlemail.com